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(Application Deadline - Monday, July 10, 2023)

All Together Now: Kindness/Friendship/Unity
July 12, 2023
Parade Start - 6:30pm (staging begins at 3:30pm)

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The following information is required to ensure you are provided enough room at the staging area. The committee depends on all the information YOU provide on the application. Accurate information of the lengths of all vehicles, floats and number of participants is greatly appreciated.
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#2 - *Vehicle length (accuracy is important):
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#4 *Number of personnel in your entry:
#5 *Sound effects - please describe the type of equipment (boom box, amplifiers, etc.) you plan on using for your entry--NO AIR HORNS PLEASE:
Any changes made after the application is received must be submitted to the parade committee for approval. The parade committee reserves the right to deny any entry that does not meet the parade guidelines.
Entry fee can be paid online via credit card/PayPal or by check mailed in US Currency
If mailing your entry fee, make checks payable to: Port Huron Rotary Club
Mail checks to: Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce, 512 McMorran, PH. MI. 48060
ENTRIES: $80.00 Regular entry /$400.00 Political entry per candidate /$600 Non-candidate political party.
Note: Please write the Organization Name provided above in the Notes section of your check if not included on the check already.

The information you provide about your entry is VERY IMPORTANT. The media personnel will introduce your entry and give a brief description of your entry FROM THE INFORMATION you provide below. The Parade Committee would like to ensure the information provided to the media is accurate.
Please complete the information below – Please be as clear and concise as possible.
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