2024 International Day Parade
Entry Rules and Regulations

We encourage the handing out of candy and giveaways provided you advise the Rotary Club at check-in as to your intentions and if help is needed to distribute your products (also see Rule 2 below).
  1. All entries, including political entries, must follow the theme set by the Parade Committee - "All Hands On Deck - A Century of Sailing". The Parade Committee reserves the right to reject any entry not in conformance with the theme.
  2. Candy may only be passed out hand-to-hand. For the safety of spectators, throwing candy into the crowd is not allowed.
  3. Appropriate music or sound may be used on the float, no air horns or excessive loud noise as all entries have sound!
  4. Entry positioning in the parade shall be determined by the Parade Committee and verified at check-in on parade day.
  5. Animal entries must provide their own accompanying clean-up crews.
  6. It is recommended that pulling vehicles are one of the following types: pickup, tractor or car as it provides for improved visibility and recognition of your entry. Other types of pulling vehicles must request special approval from the Parade Committee.
  7. No person(s) will be allowed to walk along side or with the entry as it travels the parade route unless those persons are appropriately costumed as part of the unit. This does not apply to marching bands.
  8. Entries must be less than 12 1/2 feet in height.
  9. All motorcycles must be street legal.
  10. All persons riding bicycles, or using skateboards or roller blades must wear appropriate safety equipment.
  11. Inappropriate behavior/reckless driving will not be tolerated by motor vehicles.
  12. There will be no pausing or stopping of entries along the parade route. There will be exceptions for performances. For the safety of all the participants in the parade, it is important to allow for reasonable space between entries throughout the parade route; however, gaps will not be tolerated.
  13. No peddling (selling merchandise or food) is allowed during the parade.
  14. No vans or vehicles may follow a float in the parade unless appropriately decorated and approved in advance.

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